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Now that you are driving the car of your dreams, it is paramount that your Lamborghini is meticulously taken care of. Not only is it important to maintain your car’s inner and outer beauty, but you must pay very close attention to its functional parts as well. SV Motorsports offers pertinent information regarding routine services and when they are due according to Lamborghini guidelines. The three service maintenance schedules detailed below should basically repeat themselves in a consistent pattern after the 27,000 miles/three years of age service has been completed; however, consult with a professional technician who specializes in Lamborghini in order to verify your automobile’s future maintenance appointments.


Yellow Lamborghini

When your Lamborghini reaches 9,000 miles or turns one year old, it is recommended that your luxury automobile will require its first oil change. This consists of replacing the existing oil with fresh synthetic oil and having a new filter put in. Additionally, it is suggested that you have your tires rotated at this point in time.

When your vehicle has accrued 18,000 miles or becomes two years of age, the second set of scheduled maintenance services are due. Besides a routine oil and filter change along with a tire rotation, there are several more items that require attention. These services include replacing the brake fluid, spark plugs, V-belt, V-belt tensioner, and also changing the engine coolant.

At 27,000 miles or three years of age, your Lamborghini will necessitate an oil change and tire service, its O2 sensors checked, and the remainder of the EVAP system examined. At this stage, the fuel injection system, ignition system, and oil vapor recirculation system will also require a complete assessment.

SV Motorsports handles a broad range of services for Lamborghini vehicles and other makes of luxury European automobiles. We are conveniently located at 1892 Barber Road in Sarasota and our phone number is 941-226-8632. The number one goal of SV Motorsports is to exceed our clients’ expectations by providing excellent workmanship and top-shelf customer service. 

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